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Ethics applications

Most research involving humans will require ethical review, and the level of review will be commensurate with the level of risk to which participants are exposed.

Research that can be exempted from review

If the research has negligible risk and involves the use of totally non-identifiable data about humans, ethical review may not be necessary.

If you think your research is exempt from ethical review, please submit an ‘application-by-letter’ addressed to the Manager, Ethics & Research Governance and email it to The letter should provide all details to justify a waiver of the requirement for ethical review.

Research that has negligible risk but does use data that could possibly identify individuals is not exempt from ethical review.

Low risk research

If the research cannot be exempt from review, is negligible or low risk, full ethical review may not be required. If you think your research fits into this category, please read the Low Risk Guide and if appropriate complete the application for ethical review of low risk projects (MS Word) and submit it to for opinion.

When you have completed your low risk project, please submit the Low Risk Final Report.

More than low risk research

For all research more than low risk, full ethical review is required and you will be required to complete and submit a full application to the Ethics Committee for review and approval.

There are three methods of applying for ethics approval. Researchers are advised to read each option carefully and make a choice depending on the type and scope of the study.

Please choose one of the following:

Please also familiarise yourself with the Alfred Ethics Committee guidelines page, covering a range of research activities.

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Submitting your application to the Ethics Committee

This applies to all types of applications requiring full ethical review.

Step 1 - Project registration

To register an application, download the appropriate application forms and complete them. You will then need to submit the application by email to by the project registration date. Electronic signatures are not necessary at this stage, but signatures must be submitted with the project submission.

NEAF applications done on-line need to be saved as a PDF and emailed to us as a document attached to the email, rather than using the on-line email notification process.

Resource centre declarations and radiation safety documentation may be incomplete at the time of project registration.

Please indicate in your project registration email which documentation is missing.

For immediate confirmation that your email has reached us, set up an automated 'Delivery Receipt Notification' before you send your email.

Step 2 - Project submission

At registration time, the application will be checked for completeness by the Office of Ethics and Research Governance and any omissions or changes requested will be conveyed to you by email. You will receive detailed submission instructions from us, such as a unique project number and the date for full project submission.

The Office of Ethics & Research Governance is a paperless office. Please do not submit paper copies of your application EXCEPT for the legal documents (CTN, indemnities, CTRA). Signatures can be inserted into a document and saved as a PDF or individual signed pages can be scanned and saved as a PDF.


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