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Requirements for a witness to participant consent (PDF) March 2012

Payments to research participants (PDF) September 2011

Streamlined Ethical Review Process (SERP) guide (PDF) July 2011

Victorian Specific Module guidelines (Word) April 2011

The low risk guide (PDF) December 2009

Archiving/storage of research records guidelines (PDF) March 2010

Establishing or contributing to procedure registries (PDF) May 2000

Management of incidents/complaints related to research activities (Word) August 2007

Obtaining participant consent (PDF) August 2007

Obtaining telephone consent from the person responsible (PDF) October 2008

Participant enrolment in concurrent research projects (PDF) December 2008

Principles governing ethics approval for gene banks and genetic registers (PDF) November 2000

Access to medical records (PDF)September 2010

Use of human tissue in research (PDF) August 2007

Protocol deviations/violations guidelines (PDF) September 2010

Research that potentially involves legal risks for participants and researchers (PDF) October 2010

Risk Management Plan for Research at AMREP (PDF)

Guidelines to apply when researchers leave The Alfred (PDF)

A Guide to Good Research Practice (Monash University School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, 4th edition, 2011)





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