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Alfred Health expects its researchers to be aware of and comply with the authorship requirements of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2007. Click here for all Authorship requirements of the Code.

Criteria for authorship
Researchers must offer authorship to all people, including research trainees, who meet the criteria for authorship list below. Those offered authorship must accept or decline in writing.

To be named as an author, a researcher must have made a substantial scholarly contribution to the work be and able to take responsibility for at least that part of the work they contributed.

Attribution of authorship depends to some extent on the discipline, but in all cases, authorship must be based on substantial contributions in a combination of:

  • conception and design of the project
  • analysis and interpretation of research data
  • drafting significant parts of the work or critically revising it so as to contribute to the interpretation.

The right to authorship is not tied to position or profession and does not depend on whether the contribution was paid for or voluntary. It is not enough to have provided materials or routine technical support, or to have made the measurements on which the publication is based. Substantial intellectual involvement is required.

A person who qualifies as an author must not be included or excluded as an author without their permission. This should be in writing, and include a brief description of their contribution to the work.

Source: Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2007.

Maintain signed acknowledgments of authorship for all publications
Where a work has several authors, one should be appointed executive author to record authorship and to manage communication about the work with the publisher. The department of the executive or senior author must retain the written acknowledgment of authorship discussed above in the form of an original hand-written signature. Where it is not practical to obtain an original signature, it is acceptable to use faxed or emailed consent.

Source: Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2007.

Acknowledgement of funding sources
Funding bodies must be acknowledged in publications where appropriate. For specific wording of the acknowledgement, consult the conditions of award or applicable deed of agreement/research contract.

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